Saturday, September 17, 2011

Iceland hot dog mania

Even road signs tell you where to get a hot dog.
You wouldn't think it, but Icelanders are crazy about hot dogs. The best place to eat one, I was told, is at Bæjarins Bestu in Reykjavik. The dogs are so good that Britain's Guardian newspaper named the place "the best hot dog stand in Europe."

I didn't eat one there, but at a drive through restaurant in Selfoss. Afterwards, I learned that most Icelanders order the "works," which means with their dog smothered with all the stuff. I opted only for mustard, which I would describe as sweet mustard. So I guess I missed the true Iceland hot dog experience. Next time. Still, it was delicious.

Ordering my dog at the drive-thru.
So from now on, don't think the good ol' USA has market cornered on tasty hot dogs, because up there in the Atlantic, just a bit northwest of the United Kingdom, they serve 'em up and they serve 'em up mighty tasty.

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  1. I can't wait for your posts on Iceland. They are enthralling. Now I have a new place to put on my - If I could only - list. Amazing!
    Thanks! Lori

    As a matter of fact - here I am riding an Icelandic horse (in the states).


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